Toughest opening hole in Britain!

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How difficult are the first and last holes at your golf course? Making a good score on the opening hole can set you up for a positive round, and a nice finish can end your day on a high, but these two bookend holes can often scupper your chances of breaking a handicap and regularly define the tone of your experience.

We have delved into the Golfshake Score Tracker, analysing over 500,000 rounds of golf, seeking the most challenging opening and closing holes in the UK. These averages (over par) have all been collated from golf courses that have had over 200 rounds tracked from regular golfers. Caveat would be that these come from a wide spectrum of handicaps, and it doesn’t account for the same golfers playing multiple rounds.

However, it’s a bit of fun and raises questions about just how well you consistently play the first and last holes. Do you find that a lack of warmup often results in a poor score, or does fatigue play a role towards the end of a round? Take a look at these and consider your own experiences!

Hardest 1st Holes

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